Secure Ecological Wave Coin

Its the new currency resulting from the acquisition of Securium Exchange World by the powerful group Wave Ecological World. The integration of the Waves platform and the POS mining solution providing the alternative solution to the POW method. SEW’s Diamond Guarantee is committed to the development of SEWC’s new green world. For the safety and quality of life of SEW owners who are entering a better world for the planet.

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ICO Sale is live

Round one sales ends in:

  • 0 SEWC
  • 1000 SEWC  = 180 WAVES, 0.03692 BTC, 2.3 ETH
  • 700.000.000 SEWC

364.200.000 SEWC
Soft Cap Hard Cap
Our Partners


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

SEWC is a decentralized currency that develops and invests in renewable energy solutions.

SEWC reached its « soft cap » and entered the WAVES platform.

SEW Coin is a cryptocurrency designed to facilitate trade in a less polluting way.

After seriously examining the different mining methods, we abandoned all other methods and adopted the POS method.

SEWC has already signed 30 partnerships around the world and new partnerships are being finalized each day.

Why Choose SEWC?

Secured User Data

We protect users’ data and we comply with international rules

A thoughtful choice

The path was long and the project was influenced by a team in constant change. Today the project is completed thanks to the tenacity of the CEO.

Flexibility & Easy to Use

You can trade and invest easily when you open your account. Access to the platform is immediate

totally decentralized

Our local servers are only used for customer service and call management, but all data is decentralized to the blockchain.

How SEWC Works?

Build a new ecosystem.

We build alternative models that are not mined in POW and encourage the use of renewable energy. We ride the waves of ecology and the preservation of the planet.

Connect with others blockchain mod.

Previously we were on the Ethereum blockchain, because eth promised a POS solution. But this solution is not applied and we decided, after long reflection, to join the blockchaine WAVES. Our ERC20 is replaced by a Token Waves

We target an Ecological Objective

Our partners are active worldwide in the field of sustainable development. This is our goal because creating the currency of the future can only be considered if the planet has a future.

Protect your assets and your investment

double identification, decentralized on the Waves platform, offers you a powerful security guarantee. Your SEWC are well secured

Make transaction easy and with a less fee.

The exchanges, purchases, sales and conversion of your parts, via the platform Waves, is done easily and with all the guarantees of conformity with the laws

Token Distribution


DEC 1, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

700.000.000 SEWC (70%)


DEC 31, 2020 (23:59:59 GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1000 SEWC = 180 WAVES, 0.03692 BTC, 2.3 ETH

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

1.000 SEWC

SEWC Wallet Feature

Manage your Wallet

Your wallet is accessible, via your internet browser on PC and Mac or through the application on android or ios

Reward & Bonus

The members of the Waves network are very active and you will quickly receive many coins as a gift.

Send or receive

Send or receive SEWC is very simple and very fast. The cost of the transactions, payable in waves token, is low.

QR Code

Thanks to the QR Code built into your wallet, simply scan your application or that of your friend to transfer your tokens

Our Team

Securium is the fruit of multidisciplinary, international teamwork. Founders, associates, international law firms, international accounting and fiduciary firms, service providers, subcontractors, web hosts, administrative staff. Many are « freelancers » or independent companies whose ethics or professional order prohibits advertising. It is the quality and relevance of the work of this team that must be emphasized, appreciated, thanked, as a whole and not individuals.

Thanks again to everyone, present and coming …


The call center « customer service »  Is under video surveillance 24h / 24

The customer service

Frequently asked questions

WAVES DEX - is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

SEWC will be convertible and exchangeable with all the other cryptocurrencies present on WAVES. SEWC is not exchangeable with fiat currencies (EURO, USD) it is therefore compulsory to convert your SEWC into BC, ETH, Waves or other currency convertible into fiat money.

Just fill out the form by clicking on the "buy" button. A personal financial adviser will be assigned to you. He will contact you, directly, by telephone to concretize your investment in complete safety.

You set your selling price and as soon as a buyer makes an offer at your price, your parts are sold and you receive the amount in the currency of your choice.

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